Asphalt Repairs Close to the Shopping Centers

Asphalt Repairs Close to the Shopping Centers

 Asphalt repair is an affordable method of leveling the road by filling potholes and cracks with asphalt concrete mixtures, as well as one of the important stages in the repair of asphalt concrete and asphalt roads, which is extremely popular. Asphalt repair contractor carries out road surface repairs of any size starting from 1 m2 and, what is important – high quality and in a short time at an affordable cost. The main advantage of asphalt paving repairs is its efficiency. The professional company can repair pitted asphalt urgently using only high-quality asphalt concrete for which there is a certificate of conformity. Asphalt repair contractor can also repair the ground cover from reliable and high-quality materials. For this, asphalt crumb, concrete screed, secondary and brick screed, and lime crushed stone are used.


 Pothole repair of roads differs from capital repairs in that it is not necessary to completely block the entire street, and thus traffic to shopping centers is not disturbed. A positive point of this type of service is the absence of large road equipment and rollers; everything is performed by a mobile team able to guarantee quick pothole repair of the road. Asphalt repairs to shopping centers are in great demand and are carried out very quickly and qualitatively using the technology of pothole repair, which we will talk about below. If you urgently need to fix a hole in the asphalt on the road, the contractor will come quickly and repair the road in the shortest time. All work is performed by a specially trained mobile team using special tools. All these factors have a positive effect on the quality and speed of work at an affordable price per 1 m 2.

Road Surface Repair

After some time, the road surface will need repair. If it is carried out on time, replacing the most worn areas, then it will last much longer. Milling is the most important part of the repair process. It means removing the old coating with the help of a milling cutter. After that, texturing of the surface is carried out. The hot milling method involves first warming up the asphalt surface, while with the cold method, this is not considered mandatory. The latter practically does not differ in quality from the hot one, but it can make the work several times easier. In many cases, the whole automated systems are used to minimize the use of manual labor. For example, road repair machines are widely used to remove asphalt, for example, to carry out milling and cutting of unsuitable coating with a diamond disk.


 Before starting the repair, the asphalt repair contractor must carry out the preparatory work:

  • Marking. In this case, it is necessary to mark not only the damaged area but also a few whole areas. If several potholes are located in one radius, then they must be painted with a common circuit.

  • Next, the damaged asphalt layer is dismantled with, for example, a jackhammer. It is best to use the cold milling method as it allows you to create flat walls.

  • At this point, the garbage and crumbs of the coating are removed, after which you can start processing potholes with a special bitumen composition.